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Music For Film & TV

our music features in movies including...

Ben Is Back - Julia Roberts

On The Rocks - Bill Murray

2021 Nominee Critics Choice Award

  • Best Comedy

Julia Roberts
Bill Murray

A Castle For Christmas - Brooke Shields, Desiree Burch

2014 Winner Traverse City Film Festival

  • Best Comedy

Rat Race - Rowan Atkinson, Whoopi Goldberg, John Cleese

Rat Race.jpg

Alone At Christmas

...and on TV shows including

Peppa Pig - Nickelodeon

Time Team C4

Temptation Island USA

Temptation Island USA.jpg

Wheeler Dealers - Discovery

Big Bang Theory - NBC promo

Britain's Got Talent ITV

Midsommer Murders ITV

Love Island

love island.jpg
Midsomer Murders.jpg

Masterchef BBC

Gardener's World BBC

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Nickelodeon

Come Dine With Me  C4

come dine with me.jpg

Let's Do Lunch with Gino & Mel ITV

Father Brown BBC

Father Brown BBC.jpg
the perfect pich.jpg

The Perfect Pitch C4

Westmister Abbey

Behind Closed Doors C5

westminster abbey.jpg

Lego Masters DK

lego masters.jpg

Big Brother C4

Jackass 3.5 Promo Comedy Central

60 Minutes NBC promo

Shakespeare &

Hathaway BBC

Shakespeare and Hathaway BBC.jpg

My Super Sweet 16 MTV

Mexico One Plate

At A Time

mexico one plate at a time.jpg
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