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We compose music and write songs for television, movies, commercials, brands and media.



Our music features around the world.


Liz is an English composer who specialises in songwriting and orchestral composition. Her songs have charted  #1 on iTunes in the USA and Canada  ("Back Home To Me", Sophie Milman, Linus Records) as well as Japan, Sweden and France.  A prolific composer of production music, her music features on many TV shows worldwide.  Liz is happy to write and record anything from handbells to harpsichords!


Gavin's hobby grew into a career playing bass guitar on tours across the UK & Europe throughout the 90's, with  artists including 4-times Grammy nominated & Dove Award winner Margaret Becker, alongside Chris Eaton (Janet Jackson, Amy Grant), with Brian Kennedy (Van Morrison, Riverdance, Eurovision for Ireland), and with 7-times Grammy Award nominee Jessy Dixon.  Since 1997 he has focused exclusively on writing and recording music for media.

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